Hydraulic Bending Machine

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General Information:
Japan-made bending machine is two-axis(x and y) controlled (Resolution:0.1 for X axes, 0.01 for Y axes),5.7' lcd and touch key panel interface, full english characters;automatic calulating and controlling bending angle, angular offset function, automatic calculation of bending presssure, adjust-able positioning speed, storing bending process, continuous operation of ten steps, automatic with-drawal function and protection against interference between sheet and workpiece. 

Technical Data:



Welded Steel plate construction, eliminate intermal stress by heat treatment, with hight strength and good rigidity.
Electro-hydraulic propotional synchronization.Optional point within stroke can be controlled. Repeat precision:+0.01 Parallelism: 0.02
Fexibility compensation installed on the top die. The machine above 250 tons adopts bottom die compensation. 


As a new way of construction, steel structure building technology is more and more widely applied all over the world. We specialized in steel roll forming machines for roofing panel/sheet and wall panel/sheet, and color coated steel sandwich panel production line with a variety of insulation materials as the core material, slitting machine, cutting to length machine and other equipments. We enjoy advanced technology background.Our engineers have rich overseas working experience; they are professional in equipment commissioning and installation service. Our machines have been exported to Russia, the Middle East, South America, and Africa etc.