Down Pipe Roll Forming Machine

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General Information:
The machine can produce various folding products, suitable to various wall sheet. Self-locking effect is very good, no leak, the whole effect is stronger.The color of pipe is various and chosen by customers.Equipments are including manual decoiler,roll forming machine,hydraulic cutter moudle,hydraulic station,plc cabinet ,elbow machine , output tables. 

Technical Data:

1.Control Type: electricity control
2.Main Power:2.2KW
3.Max Elbow Angle:90°
4.Function:bending and locking
5.The Outline Of Machine:1300 mm×650 mm×1500 mm
6.Speed:2-2.5m/ min 


As a new way of construction, steel structure building technology is more and more widely applied all over the world. We specialized in steel roll forming machines for roofing panel/sheet and wall panel/sheet, and color coated steel sandwich panel production line with a variety of insulation materials as the core material, slitting machine, cutting to length machine and other equipments. We enjoy advanced technology background.Our engineers have rich overseas working experience; they are professional in equipment commissioning and installation service. Our machines have been exported to Russia, the Middle East, South America, and Africa etc.