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型钢 Structure Steel

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鼎联国际长期经营工字钢、角钢、槽钢、H型钢、扁钢、钢板等产品。我们可以提供包括国标、日标、欧标等多种标准和尺寸的型钢。产品远销中东,东南亚,中南美洲和非洲等多个市场,并享有良好的声誉。作为央企中国建材集团成员单位,雄厚的资金与生产资源使我们实现了生产、销售、服务一站式经营。针对一些型钢的特殊用途,特殊材质,如通讯电力用铁塔,可以根据客户需求来订制S355JR, SS540钢坯进行生产。我们拥有稳定的型钢和钢坯的库存,以满足客户的临时需求, 努力为客户提供更为专业全面的服务。 经过多年的发展,我们已经拥有专业的团队进行整个外贸流程的操作,并且积累了广泛的海外客户资源。


Unionlever Structure Steel business is specialized in manufacturing and exporting various structure steel including U Channel, Angle Steel, H Beam, I beam, Flat bar, Steel plate, etc. with different standards and sizes including JIS standard, En standards, GB standards and so on. Our steel products have been building excellent reputation in the Middle East, South East Asia, Central and South American and African countries. As the subordinate of the state-owned company, we have abundant fund and dominant resource. That makes our business type to be one-stop pattern: manufacture, sales, service is under our control. In order to meet the special requirement of our customers like tower manufacturers for different material standard such as S355JR, SS540, we can book special billet to ensure the production. All the time, we keep regularly stock of thousands of tons of billet and steel sections for the urgent delivery. At the same time, we always try our best to give client all-round service.

After several years’ development, we have already built our professional team to handle the export process and accumulated stable customers also.